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New Baby

 Title-New Baby
Warning-Slash, mpreg
Disclaimer-I own nothing, please don't sue me, I have only enough money for myself!
Summary-Keira gets a visit from her boys during a very special time.

Keira was trying to read a script that her agent sent her, but she found that she couldn’t concentrate very well. Orlando was pregnant and he and Johnny were going to come over and see her while she was staying in L.A. She hadn’t gotten to see Orlando since he got pregnant so she was very eager to see him not only because he was one of her best friends, but she had never seen a pregnant male before. She could still remember the phone call she got from him the day he found out.
“Keira! Keira, I have something totally amazing to tell you, it’s unbelievable...”
“Orli, slow down, I can’t understand you! Now tell me what’s so amazing and unbelievable.”
“I’m pregnant!”
She remembered that she practically fainted. She knew of course that he and Johnny were madly in love and wanted a child eventually, but she didn’t know that she would actually be able to have their own biological child. And as if triggered by her thoughts, she heard a knocking at the door. She squealed softly and ran to open the door.
“Hello Miss Swann!” Johnny said in his Jack Sparrow slur.
“Good to see you captain!” she told him as he wrapped her up in a hug.
“Hey, what about a little love for the first mate?” she heard Orlando ask. Keira couldn’t help but widen her eyes when she set her eyes on him. She was so used to seeing him as skinny and bony, but now there was a large bump in his middle.
“Of course, Mr. Turner!” she said, wrapping her arms around him and feeling his baby belly pressing against hers. “I just can’t help but feel that there’s something between us right now.”
He chuckled. “Sorry about that.” he told her as they walked into her house.
“No, no, don’t apologize.” she assured him. Johnny smiled and rubbed Orlando’s belly.
“It looks good on him, doesn’t it?” he asked her. Orlando shoved them both.
“Stop teasing me for god sakes!” he told them. “You should have seen Viggo when he saw me, he laughed until he cried.” he said as he lowered himself onto the couch, grabbing his belly for support.
“You really don’t have anything to worry about Orlando.” Keira told him honestly. “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.”
“Oh, speaking of beautiful things Keira.” Johnny told her, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a piece of what looked like thick paper. “We thought we would show you something.” He unfolded the piece of paper and held it up to her. It was a picture of a sonogram and she could clearly see the outline of their baby. She smiled and let out a huge “Awww!” and then traced the outline with her finger.
“I think it looks like Johnny.” Orlando added. Johnny smiled as he joined Orlando on the couch.
“Did you find out the sex?” she asked them. Orlando smiled and rested a hand on his belly.
“It’s a boy.” he said proudly. “We’re gonna have a son. You should have seen Lily-Rose and Jack when we told them, they were ecstatic!”
“Oh, so they’re alright with having a new sibling?” she asked.
“More than alright.” Johnny chuckled. “They both call him ‘Buddha’ and Lily likes to put her ear to his belly to see if she can hear anything. Even Vanessa has wished us well.”
Keira nodded and smiled. She was worried because of the fact Johnny already had a family and a messy break-up, but it all seemed to be alright. Suddenly, Orlando grunted and cursed under his breath. She frowned. “Orli, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, he’s just kicking like mad.” he told her. Her eyes widened and she blushed. “Orli...can I maybe, uh...feel it?” she asked sheepishly. He just smiled and took her hand. He guided it to a certain spot on his stomach and soon she felt two swift kicks against her palm. She smiled from ear to ear and laughed. “Wow...he may end up looking like Johnny, but he’s already starting to act like you-not being able to stay still.”
“Very funny.” he told her good-naturedly.
“She’s right though.” Johnny told him. The younger man smiled back and they shared a sweet kiss. Keira’s heart melted at the scene of the happy family that was going on before her.
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