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A Orlando/Johnny fanfic

I am not sure if this is allowed but let me explain. I have a 12 Chapter Orlando/Johhny fic here and I realise most people don't want to read such a long story so....... I will be posting just a little sneak peak of it seeing as its HALLOWEEN THEMED! The backstory is not all that important because its PURE SMUTTY GOODNESS. A bit of a PWP.
***Its Altarnative Universe, the two men have been playing around each other for months, both wanting more, wanting more than just a stolen glance or touch here and there and then they are both invited to a Halloween PArty where they both happen to be dressed up as Pirates ;-) Yarr!***

Disclaimer: I don't know them, I don't own the characters, I am not making profit and I don't mean to offend anyone, honest, guv!

Authers: Me(princess_lilam) and Villian
Rating: NR-17 for lots of smut and general adult themes.

A Piratey Halloween...

Orlando’s phone beebed in his pocket. “Hold up guys. I gotto read this.”
He took the phone out of his pocket and didn’t recognise the number. He frowned and went on to the message.

“Up for a Jolly Rogering? :-) Room 16”

“Lame.” Grumbled Orlando. He returned the phone to his pocket and took a step forward.

Hopefully he took the phone out of his pocket again and re-read the message. “Johnny?”

His friends were out of sight by now and more people were pushing him from all directions so he stepped out of the way and looked up to the stairway that led to the guest rooms.
Room 16.
Orlando worked his way through the crowd and made his way up to the quiet hallway upstairs.

His boots made a soft clicking sound as he walked down the flagstone corridor. It was chilli up there and the lights were much dimmer.
Room 13….14….15…..
“Sixteen” He smiled when he noticed someone stuck a large red X on the door. “Treasure.”

Nervously Orlando straightened his clothes and took a deep breath before softly knocking on the door, not sure exactly what to expect.


In the long silent hallway the quiet creaking from the door echoed with a bigger sound than expected. Orlando shivered, craning his head around the door to see who had texted him.

Kohl-lined eyes glittered from within the dim confines of the room, and Johnny emerged, blue vest gone and white shirt unbuttoned completely. He leaned on the doorframe, a secret little smile on his face, the angle of his hip peaking out between the top of his tight pants and shirt hem. "Ahoy," he said, smirking as Orlando snorted.

"Ahoy yourself." He couldn't help but grin, his heart skipping a beat as Johnny took a few teasing steps back into the room, one finger crooked in silent invitation. "You know," he started, following and shutting the door behind him. "I thought that maybe some sexy girl was waiting for me up here, not..." he paused as Johnny walked up to him a few inches away from his face, the same secret little smile on his lips "... some guy." Johnny grinned, gold flashing among the white of his teeth.

"You disappointed?"

"Depends on you," he replied, revelling in the heat pouring off Johnny's body standing so close to his own.

Johnny backed away, hands up. "Wow, that's a lot of pressure. I don't know if I can handle that." He shot Orlando a mischievous glance, that rapscallion grin dressing his mouth once again.

"Shut up," he said, catching Johnny before he could move away any further and crushing their lips together. They melted into each other like clouds at sunset, Orlando's fingers gripping and scratching as Johnny stroked curly brown hair and teasingly pushed his tongue in and out of Orlando's hot mouth. That heat he'd felt before enveloped him, flames in the shapes of Johnny's arms curling up his back, pulling him closer into a swoon of tongue and teeth and soft lips.

More, he moaned wordlessly, clutching at Johnny's back. He angled his hips, shoving forward and bit viciously at Johnny's lips when their cocks brushed through thin fabric. But then it left, it was gone and Orlando felt like dying, all his pent up pressure deflating as Johnny drew back from him wiping his mouth with the back of his sleeve. Orlando stared for a minute, lips tingling, until gathering his wits about him enough to say, "What the fuck?"

"You young guys, are so impatient," Johnny joked, seemingly unruffled. He was going around the room lighting incense and candles off of each other.

Orlando stood in silence and watched as Johnny slowly moved around the room .It felt like an eternity until he was finished. When the man turned back, Orlando lost his breath as he was faced with two depthless, brown eyes gazing up at him from within a brazen gold face. All of Johnny's skin was gold in the flickering candle light.

"You're not *that* much older," he grumbled. His cock was already rock hard from coming in contact with the other man, and it took all his power not to shove Johnny up against a wall and kiss him again. He wanted to so badly.

Coyly Johnny drew his shirt off his shoulders, revealing more shining skin to Orlando's thirsty eyes, Johnny stalked closer, Orlando's tenseness nearly palpable. "What do you want, Orlando?"

"You know what I want," he whispered, tearing out of his own shirt. His hands went to his fly, but Johnny stopped him, strong but delicate hand closed around his wrist.

"Slow down," he said soothingly, coming close again to stroke up and down Orlando's finely muscles arms, bumping their foreheads together, content just to admire the hard flesh in front of him. "We don't have to rush this. We have all the time."

Orlando tried to kiss him, but Johnny turned his mouth at the last second. "But I want you," Orlando urged, darting kisses at Johnny's neck. "You're the one who called me up here." He tried to make Johnny feel guilty.

Johnny finally turned and caught his mouth, but held him back so that the kiss was very slow and deep. "Slow," he breathed in between soft kisses. "We can do this slow." He held Orlando’s face in both his hands, stroking his hair.

"Too slow and the candles will burn out," Orlando said, trying to shove a hand down the front of Johnny's tight pants.
He was met with resistance. “A belt, what the hell? Two belts?”

“Part of the costume, mate.” Johnny unbuckled the first belt and dropped it to the floor and Orlando did the same to the other one. Finally,he was so close to the prize.

He then undid his own belt.

Johnny gasped as Orlando squeezed his cock, letting the younger man push him back until he came up against a wall. Throwing his head back, he moaned as Orlando brought their naked erections together, stroking roughly. "You..." he gritted his teeth "...want control, huh?" Orlando growled against his neck, jerking his hand down against their touching cocks. "You want to fuck?" Johnny asked breathlessly.
Orlando brought both hands up into Johnny hair, tearing at the trinkets and beads, and kissing him like he wanted to eat his mouth.

"Yeah," he said, "I want to" He shoved out of his pants and pulled Johnny's down too, freeing his leaking dick and giving it a lick before coming back up to kiss the pirate. But instead of kissing him, Johnny threw him back, knocking Orlando down onto the four poster bed and coming over on top of him. Surging up, Orlando wrapped himself around the other man, undulating against him. Naked skin seared against naked skin, and Orlando clawed lines down Johnny's back, gasping as the pirate dropped his hips and ground their dicks together. "Fuck me," Orlando begged, "Do it-"

"Giving commands are we?" Johnny said with a smile. He leaned up on his hands, staring down at Orlando, considering. His eyes were dilated and his lips were swollen. Then Johnny abruptly dropped and flipped them over, pulling Orlando up until the brunette straddled him. "You want control so bad? Fine then, fuck yourself on my cock. Ride it."

Orlando stared, horrified. "What? No! I don't want to be on top!" But Johnny thrust and his thick cock bumped against Orlando's entrance. Boneless, Orlando slumped back, wanting Johnny inside him, but afraid. "Help me, then," he said, crawling partly forward to better position himself.
Under him, Johnny grinned, reaching over and pulling out a condom. He unwrapped it, never breaking eye contact with Orlando, not even when he shoved lubed fingers into him, stretching his opening. When he brushed the man's prostate, Orlando cried out, biting down hard on his shoulder.

"You ready?" he ventured, flexing his fingers against the nub, watching the small deaths flutter across Orlando's face as pleasure made his jaw go slack. "Orlando?"

"Yeah," he answered weakly, "I am." His body burned, and his dick felt like it was going to explode. "Fuck me." He leaned down and kissed Johnny, shoving his tongue deep into his mouth and tasting him. "Do it." He shoved back, whimpering as Johnny's cock head dipped shallowly into his opening. "Johnny..."

Taking hold of his cock, Johnny angled and thrust once, hard. He shouted, fingers digging into Orlando's hips, yanking him down until he was al the way in. Orlando's spine went stiff and a low keening noise came out of his mouth as Johnny's rubbed his prostate with deft precision.

"You want me to fuck you now?"

"Dammit," he said, starting to rock and forth, pushing Johnny deeper into him, "Yes!"

Johnny leaned forward and whispered heatedly into Orlando's ear, "Then bounce."

Twisting up, back alive with shocks of pleasure, Orlando flexed his legs, lifting himself slowly and falling back onto the thick cock embedded inside him. He uttered breathy cries, rocking faster, eyes tight shut, dick slapping between his and Johnny's stomach. "Fuck," he said loudly as Johnny speared him again, deeper than before. He pushed hard, grinding down then rising up again. He nearly shouted as Johnny gripped his cock and began to jerk him off in time with his thrusts. He never experienced anything this intense before.

"Harder," Johnny urged quietly as Orlando whimpered, moving faster, aching inside from the pounding thrusts Johnny fed him with his swollen cock.

The sound of fucking seemed to be thrown out into the flames of the hundreds of tiny candles, which decorated the room. Beads of sweat glittered like jewels over their skin, dripping gold light from the tips of Orlando's hair onto Johnny's heaving chest. They moved harder, Orlando bouncing up and down as Johnny shoved into him, their voices breathy and strained. Johnny's hand moved hard around Orlando's leaking erection as Orlando clawed his chest and legs, throwing his hair back and sprinkling sweat like falling stars onto the sheets.

"Anh," he moaned, striving to move faster. "Johnny," he begged. "Johnny-"

And Johnny arched up into a sitting position, clutching Orlando to him, still thrusting, their chests rubbing against each other, nipples raw and hard. Johnny pumped his powerful legs, shoving in and out of Orlando viciously until finally his nails broke skin as his orgasm ripped through him like thunder, shaking his spine.

The pleasure blew through Orlando's body as he erupted all over their stomachs, watching thin ropes of white decorate Johnny's chest.

"Fuck," he moaned, "Fuck..."

They fell backwards on to the sheets, out of breath, gasping. Johnny stroked Orlando’s hair and kissed him deeply once more.

He withdrew and watched Orlando grimace.

“Did I hurt you?” asked Johnny.

“Ye- no. No. It just felt a bit uncomfortable when you withdrew, that is all.”

Johnny ran his index finger over his cum covered chest and smeared it over Orlando’s lips. He loved the way the younger man was looking at him, with his eyes full of wonder, lust and affection.

Far away, deep inside the castle, the band started playing again. The slow riffs of a guitar drifting through the thick walls of the private bedroom.

“Let’s get into the shower.”

When they re-entered the room a few minutes later, they fell back onto the bed again where they lay together, kissing for hours until they fell a sleep in each others arms.
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