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Fic Search

I tried to email the mod asking if this was against the rules, but the email bounced, so I'm going to post it and if it's not allowed, please feel free to delete it.

I'm looking for a multi-part story that I think was written right before At World's End premiered. Jack managed to get the 100 souls that Davy Jones required and exchanged them for Will, after Will had been whipped. Will's injuries worsened and Jack took him to a doctor in some unnamed port and then when Will still didn't get better, Jack took him to see Tia Dalma. When Jack finally took Will back to Port Royale, they discovered that a huge earthquake had destroyed most of the town, and Elizabeth had died in the quake as well. (If I remember correctly, the author included a link to the Wikipaedia article about Port Royal, which really was mostly destroyed by an earthquake back in the 1600's or 1700's.) Does anyone remember this story and, hopefully, the title and author, and even better a link? Please? I'm getting desperate! Thanks in advance for any and all help you guys can give me!

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