stevrick (stevrick) wrote in bloomndepp,

Title-Never Leave                                                                                                                                                                                 
St. Evrick (again, me!)
Rating-I’m gonna go with PG-13
Disclaimer-To my knowledge this never happened. This is just for my amusement.
Summary-Johnny comforts Orlando after his father dies.

Johnny awoke in the middle of the night when he felt the part of the bed next to him grow cold. He reached over and groped around, but there was no body next to him. He sat up and looked around. “Orlando?” he called out. He normally wouldn’t have been worried, but with all that had happened in the past couple of days...
Johnny slipped out of bed and slipped a robe on to protect himself from the winter chill. He quickly checked the bathroom, but he wasn’t there. He made his way downstairs, almost passing by the stairway because he wasn’t used to this house, Orlando’s childhood home. They had to come down here for the funeral. He quietly passed through the hallways, finally finding himself in the living room. Orlando was sitting in the bay window, looking outside at the snow that was falling. He was shivering from cold as he was leaning against the cold panes of glass in only his boxers. “Orlando, what are you doing? You had me worried.” Johnny quietly scolded. His lover slowly looked over at him and motioned for him to come over. Johnny sat down and gracefully pulled Orlando into his lap, wrapping him up in the oversized robe.
“I’m sorry Johnny. I just couldn’t sleep and I wanted to watch the snow.” He burrowed himself further against Johnny. The older man nodded in understanding and pressed a kiss on Orlando’s head. “You know, Colin used to love the snow.” he said in almost a whisper. Johnny sighed and started stroking his hair. “We used to go sledding a lot. He made the best hot chocolate.” he said with a small, sad smile. “We used to sit in this bay window with Samantha, just watching the snow like we’re doing now.” He took a shuddered breath and let a tear fall from his eyes. Johnny tightened his arms around him and let him cry. “God Johnny, I miss him so fucking much.” he said in a shaky voice.
“I know you do Orli.” Johnny whispered. Orlando wrapped his arms around him so tight that you would think that he was holding on for his life, and in a way he was.
“You’re the only thing that’s keeping me sane.” he gasped. “Don’t leave me.”
“I’ll never leave you.” he whispered into his ear. “You’re my angel, I love you. I’m not going anywhere.” Orlando nodded against his chest. Johnny was so used to seeing the young man in his arms as the happy, energetic beam of sunshine that could light up the darkest cave. Seeing him like this was...almost scary.
“I love you so much Johnny.” Orlando quietly sobbed. The statement made Johnny’s heart break.
“I know you do. I love you too baby.” He resumed stroking Orlando’s hair and whispering comforting words in his ear. He finally stopped crying and meekly looked up at him.
“I’m sorry, I’m such a fucking mess.”
“Don’t say that, don’t even think that Orlando. Even like this you’re still the light in my life.” Johnny assured him. Orlando smiled sadly.
“Thank you.” he whispered. He settled against his lover again. Johnny noticed the dark bags under his eyes.
“Orli, come back to bed, you need to try and sleep.” He nodded meekly and let Johnny carry him back to their bed. When they were both encased in the warmth of the covers Orlando pressed their lips together in a long but sweet kiss. After they pulled apart he settled against Johnny’s chest and finally, for the first time in days, fell into a peaceful sleep. Johnny watched over him, holding him tight so he would know that he was deeply loved.
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